Saturday, May 25, 2013

I Don't Think This is Going to Stick

In 1998 my son Martin turned eleven. Like many boys he was involved with the Scouting program. His mother had been active with Cubs and declared that I would be doing the Boy Scout thing. 
Martin's idea of Boy Scouts was backpacking and high adventure. He searched out a Troop that seemed to offer that type program. I said seemed because later I was told that backpacking was brand new to this Troop. 
Being a firefighter I was taught the "5 P's". They are "prior planning prevents poor performance". So Martin and I headed for a small local park to test out our gear. What I remember about that trip was coming home worn out from the few hundred yards we walked to the camp. I told my wife as I dropped my hefty pack on the floor "I don't think this is going to stick". 
Well, somehow it did but there have been a lot of changes over the years. While many were gear related, I think the biggest change was with me. More on my journey to lightweight backpacking next time.