Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Catawba to Pickle Branch

I had planned to post more prep stuff last night but time got away from me. I've been waiting three weeks for the a new pair of Inov8 Terroc shoes to arrive.  Saturday morning the supplier advised me they were lost in the mail. Off to REI to purchase a new pair of Salomen trail runners. It was also yard sale day. 
Most of the crew was on time this morning but repacking and sending extra gear home took a little longer than I wanted. It was past 10 when we reached the trailhead. I stopped and talked with several groups of thru-hikers. It seems the Home Place AYCE buffet is still a propular place. 
Mark and Aaron had great time taking in the views. I finally got them up to Dragon's Tooth. I think they now understand that the best views are at the top. 
We are at Pickle Branch tonight after a 12.5 mile day. The rain is coming down and we're crowded into a small shelter with two thru-hikers. 
Hope the rain stops by morning but if not we'll pull out the rain gear and hike on. 
As for gear the Omni-Freeze did great today. The slightest breeze and I felt cool all over. I'll keep you updated on the other gear.