Saturday, June 1, 2013

Dave Parker to the Rescue

So after the practice trip I knew I needed to make changes. The problem was everyone I knew pretty much packed their car camping gear and toughed it out. I decided to consult the experts at a near by "big box" store. Now don't get this wrong. They did their best to help me. The problem was they're goal was to sell gear. They were very successful.  I walked out with a seven pound four seasons tent. I can say one thing about that tent, to this day it doesn't leak a drop of water in a down pour.
Just before Thanksgiving weekend I got a phone call from an old friend. "Hear you've started a little backpacking" the voice on the line said.  After a short conversation Dave and his son invited me and my son on a three day trip in the Uwharrie Mountains. It turned out the rest of his Scout Troop had dropped out on him except for John Faucette and his son. It was a great trip, all twenty miles. I'm glad I didn't think to ask how far we were going. Dave taught us about hydration bladders and sleeping pads that doubled as camp chairs and sharing items like toothpaste and a lot about food. He made a great breakfast drink from Tang and powdered milk. Lunch was canned meat and crackers and after supper we made chocolate pudding. I still wasn't getting any lighter but at least I felt like I now had a resource.
That's me front left.  Check out that big pack!
 A couple of years later Dave invited me to travel with his Troop to Philmont Scout  Ranch and the Grand Canyon. I knew I was still packing way too heavy but that trip set the hook. I was a backpacker.

Over the next week I'll be preparing for a 100 backing trip with my Troop.  I'll post some of the prep work including food and a couple of new pieces of gear I'm carrying on the trip.