Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dismal Falls to VA608

On Sunday I was up early. It took about 30 minutes for me to break camp and start hiking. It would be 7.3 miles to the van and then the drive to VA606 to pick up the crew. A stuck my head in Harold's tent and told him I was gone. 
All along the way I was collecting spider webs. I kept hoping to meet another hiker so the trail would already be clear. It was just a mile to go when I exchanged greetings with a hiker that told me that was the problem with hiking early. I agreed but morning miles are still the best. 
I had to crawl under Harold's van to find the keys but I was at the pickup point by 9 AM waiting. Finally about 45 minutes later, Graham and Mark walked out of the woods. They said Arron was moving slow. His feet were giving him a fit. A little while later Arron and Harold appeared and we started the drive home. 
At the church anxious parents were gathering to pickup their boys. They backed off a little when they got a good whiff of boys that had not seen a shower in eight days. One mother told her son it was only 1 1/2 miles to walk home. She did eventually let him in the car. 
One dad asked about next year. I told him I needed a couple weeks to get over this trip. Okay, it didn't take one night to make that decision. I got a text from Aaron's mom telling me he had called her at the beach twice to tell her about the trip. If he (blisters and all) was that excited then I already know my answer. Yes, let's do it again next year!