Sunday, June 16, 2013

Doc's Knob to Dismal Creek Falls

This morning everyone was up and taping blisters. I'm the only one left without injuries and that includes the dog. Yes, Charolette got up favoring a front paw. At lunch I suggested that the crew only hike to Trent's Store. It's about two miles past Dismal Falls. They liked the idea. So I get to hike up to where the van is parked and drive back to pick them up. The part the boys like the best is they get to sleep in. 
It's amazing how a little ibuprofen and the  promise of a good swimming hole can speed up a hike. The boys hiked six miles this afternoon in 2 1/2 hours. That's the fastest they've hiked all week. Go figure. 
At Dismal Falls we all got in the water. It was cold but I finally made it under to clean all the sweat and trail dirt off me. I looked back at the others and they retreated after making it knee deep. 
Supper was on the rocks by the river. It will be our last night on the trail together. While this has been a tough hike for all, I think everyone has had a great time. I know I have.