Saturday, June 15, 2013

Rice Field to Doc's Knob Shelter

After days of trying to figure out Aaron's blister problem I think I found the cause. He was wearing socks with padding in them. With the wet conditions we've experienced, it was like walking on a wet sponge all day. Then the soften skin was irritated enough by the socks to form blisters. They're not the worst I've ever seen but they are aggravating him. This morning I gave him a pair of WrightSocks to wear. He said they were amazing. They were dry all day but unfortunately the damage is already done. He is washing and powdering his feet each night. I also suggested he take some ibuprofen before bedtime for the swelling in his feet. Harold and I will just have to monitor him close tomorrow. 
This morning we hiked into Pearisburg and had lunch at the Dairy Queen. We ate outside and had clothes drying in the sun. I guess we looked like a bunch of thru-hikers. 
While at lunch we got a weather report. Looks like more bad weather on Sunday. The boys elected to hike extra miles today and Saturday so they hopefully miss any storms. I guess the experience on Peter's Mountain was enough. It was for me. 
We stopped at Angel's Rest to check out the views. We could see the New River and most of the route we had just taken. We ended the day at Doc's Knob. Tomorrow we plan to stop  at Dismal Creek Falls.