Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sarver Hallow to War Spur

About 12:30 this morning the sky opened up and poured. The pounding rain on my tent was so loud it woke me up. I remembered a few items we left out. After all the sky was clear when we settled in for the night. I put on my rain gear and crawled out to move packs under the shelter's porch. It rained for over two hours. 
At sunrise we were all asleep. Even I had a hard time getting up. Aaron said it was a better night's sleep than in the shelter. I couldn't argue that one. I usually avoid shelter except in pouring rain. 
We finally got going about 9. The boys had assignments today. Aaron was the navigator and Mark was incharge of water. Anytime I was asked about distance I simply refered it to Aaron. If water was the issue see Mark. Tomorrow they will switch. 
At Laurel Creek we had two crossings. Usually this is a rock hop but with all the rain it wading against the current. We ate lunch after the crossings and soaked our feet. The cold water felt great. 
A mile or so up from Laurel Creek we stopped at Kelly Knob. The rock has fractured away from the mountain and there are several rock pillars a short leap off the mountain. There is also great cell phone coverage there so some of us called home. I was the only one lucky enough to talk to someone back home.
The boys and I hiked with a section hiker the rest of the afternoon namer Side Band. While hiking along a couple approach us and warned us about a bear and cubs near the trail.  We didn't see them. I figured they would be gone by the time we got to that part of the trail. I think the boys were disappointed. 
Tonight we are camped just north of War Spur Shelter. Side Band is camped with us. We resupply at Wind Rock at lunch tomorrow. Hope we have good weather again tomorrow but weather reports are not promising.