Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Captain's to Rice Field Shelter

There is an advantage to being an early riser. I got to go for a swim before it was time to pack up and hike. The boys seem to like sleeping in rather than being clean. Of course it could be the water in the river never is above 70 degrees. 
As we left the Captain's I walked ahead to use the privy at Pine Swamp Shelter. I thought Harold and the boys would stop by the shelter and wait. However they just hiked on by. They thought I was ahead of them so they took off hiking as fast as they could. I on the other hand hiked back north on the trail wondering where they were. Finally I headed south still unsure of their location. A northbound hiker I passed confirmed they were ahead of me. They were still sure I was out front. When I caught up 4 miles later, Graham said he had been chasing me all morning. 
We stopped at Symm's Gap for lunch. While we were eating I reviewed procedures to follow during a lightening storm. There was good reason because a storm was coming fast. Just as we finished eating a bolt struck to the south of us. We rushed to a grove of trees and got down low. Fortunately it didn't last long. We hiked on but I could hear another storm in the distance. This one was not as severe but it lasted most of the afternoon. Just as we reached Rice Field the weather got better but we were wet and cold. Instead of hiking another 2 1/2 miles to the camping area we decided to stay in the shelter tonight and dry out.
Tomorrow we're headed into town for lunch. 
As for my gear. The Rab Pulse has mixed reviews. In a down pour I had some wetting out on the sleeves but my torso stayed dry. With this storm I guess that wasn't all that bad but I had hoped for better.