Thursday, June 13, 2013

War Spur to The Captains

Everyone was up early this morning. The boys packed up and were ready to hike a little after 7 AM. I wasn't too far behind and couldn't believe how long it took me to catch them. Finally about a half mile from camp I saw Arron and Mark standing on the trail. When I asked why they were stopped they told me there was a bear up ahead. While excited to see their first bear, they were also a little apprehensive about the beast. I assured them it was as scared of them as they were of it. We walked up to the spot where they saw the bear and sure enough there he was. I called out "hey bear" and be took off. When Jeff and Harold came by they said he had returned. Evidently he had something to eat. 
As we approached Wind Rock the skies turned gray. A couple of times I felt a little drizzle. I was sure we were in for a rainy acternoon. The view from Wind Rock was pretty much just white mist so we headed down to the road and our resupply. When Gary and Graham arrived the sky brighten up and the sun came out. So did a whole bag of Subway sandwiches. I ate way too much. 
Jeff headed home with Gary and Graham joined the crew. The three boys amazed me as they hiked over wet slippery rocks at a great pace. I actually had to work to keep up with them. 
We arrived at Pine Swamp Branch at 5:30. I walked up on the hill to check the tent spots. It was over grown and had several dead trees. After some discussion we decided to go to the Captain's Place. He lets hiker camp in his yard. Unfortuately to zip line across the river was down and we had to walk the road to get there. The Captain was happy to see a Scout Troop backpacking and made sure we had everything we needed. He even built us a campfire. 
Tomorrow we'll be back on the ridge line and actually pass into West Virginia for a short time.