Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Deep Gap to Boone Fork Trail

Monday is the day I normally spend time with my three year old grandson Henry. So several times today I thought about what he and I would be doing. One day he will be ready to take a trip with me. I'm looking forward to those hikes. 

This morning I woke up to the sound of traffic on 421. That steady drone of car engines. I quickly left that behind as I hiked parallel to a section of the parkway that was closed. This section was described as most trail. Well the first half was. The second half was mostly road walks. As the cars speeded by I kept wishing to be back where all I heard were my foot steps and the occasional buck snort. 
After Blowing Rock I was back on all trails again. I saw a few people near Cone Memorial Park. Other than that I've been pretty much alone. I'm just walking along and enjoying the fall colors. I don't think they could be better. I even found an apple tree to get a snack   
I'm not real sure about today's mileage. There were a few new sections open and I missed where I planned to camp. So I'm thinking about 28 miles. That will be the longest day this trip.