Monday, October 21, 2013

Horse Gap to the Continental Divide on the MST

WhT a weekend!  What a wedding!  Trail Trash and his new bride Emily married at Sugar Hollow Retreat. It was a great time and my vegan lasagna and cheese cake was a hit. Totally screwed my stomach up but all the vegans and vegetarians loved it. My sisters want the recipies. 

My lovely bride decided I needed some hiking time. So on the way home she dropped me off at Horse Gap on the MST. My plan was to stop at Pbillip's Gap but I was thee by 4 o-clock and decided to hike on. 
I stopped for supper at the spring house in Jefferies Park. Made a pot of Mac and Cheese since it wouldn't take long. Dumped a package of tuna on top.  The esbit can stove worked great. While supper cooked I got a couple of liters of water from the spring. No water for the next few miles. 
Tonight I'm camped near the Continental Divide. Not as big a deal as the one out west but I'm happy to be here anyway. 

I covered 14.25 miles in just 6 hours. Tomorrow is my biggest day. To get to Cone Park it will be 26 miles.