Thursday, October 17, 2013

Trail Salsa

It's been a rushed week to say the least. Over the weekend I spoke about backpacking to three different groups. On Saturday afternoon I was at Woodfield Scout Preservation with Webelos Scouts and their parents. From there I drove to Hagan Seabase where I slept to the sound of a gentle rain all night. At first light I put up a second tent for my demo and it poured. However I still had a great time with the group of adult Scouters taking the IOLS class. 

Back home that night I did an on line interview with Scout Circle. My internet died about 40 minutes into the podcast. However it was my iPhone that came to the rescue. We finished the conversation and then I spent the next several hours thinking I could of done better. 

All week long I've been cooking. Not much in the way of trail food. My son Trail Trash is getting married this Saturday and I'm cooking supper for all the bride and groom's friends and family Friday night. By the way the bride and groom are Vegan. Got love a challenge like that when normally I cook everything Paleo. What's on the menu?  We're having lasagna with cheese cake for desert. It's amazing what you can do with a few cashews. 
I like to surprise my Scouts with interesting foods when we go backpacking. A few trips back I carried in a bag of corn chips. Of course you need salsa to go with them. Below is the recipe. How did the boys react?  At first they were a little skeptical but after one of my braver Scouts tried it out, it disappeared quickly. It also is good served over a bowl of beans and rice. 

1/3 cup  Sundried Tomatoes 
1⁄2 package Taco Mix 
2 tsp  Dried Onions 
2 tsp  Cilantro Leaves 
2 tsp   Sugar 
2/3 cup  Water

At Home: Chop tomatoes a fine as possible (they'll rehydrate better). Put all ingredients except the water in a zip lock baggie. 

In Camp: Add the water about 30 minutes to an hour before you are ready to use. 

I like plantain chips. They hold up better than potato chips in a pack. My grandson Henry (age 3) likes the Trader Joe's brand with monkeys on the package. He calls them monkey chips. 

Hope you enjoy the salsa.