Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Campbell Shelter to Daleville, VA

The birds were up early again and I was ready for a trip to town. While I stuffed my pack all I could think about was a hot shower. I ate my breakfast bar and started north to Daleville. 

Tinker's cliff was my first stop. Revolutionary War deserters hid out here. A couple of hikers were sleeping under a rock ledge so I moved on quietly. 

I had planned to spend last night in Lambert's Meadow. It has big grassy fields along a
running stream. I guess the heat got to me because I just didn't have the energy to get there. As I passed by, this big fellow made his presence known. 

And just a few yards later his brother showed up. 

I guess the heat is really bringing them out. 

A few miles later I started seeing signs of civilization. I started passing under power lines. These big lines always remind me of rice crispies with the snap, crackle and pop.  It's a shame I couldn't charge my phone here. 

Off to the west I could see a big lake. I've been walking a ridge line around the north of it all morning. I wonder if there is a hydroelectric plant on the lower end. I can't see one from here. 

The decent into Daleville continues another five miles. There are all sorts of rock formations including a wall. This happened when the two plates in the earth pushed over each other  millions of years ago. They were bigger then but time has worn them down. I kind of know how they feel today.  The heat and humidity are building again. 

Finally I reached town. I checked into the HoJo Express and the first order of business was that shower. Sorry no pictures

I heard from Guthook. He is about 15 miles behind me and will get to town tomorrow. His feet are still not doing well. 

After the shower I went to the local Kroger Super Market. There were a couple of foods I had been dreaming about eating. 

Berries and Greek yogurt hit the spot. 

Here is today's profile of the trail from Guthook's app.