Sunday, May 18, 2014

Damascus to Lost Mountian Shelter

This morning started with a big breakfast courtesy of Longhaul. None of us could believe how lucky we had been yesterday. After choking down on omlets and bacon, Longhaul took us back to Damascus. He was going to make lunch for the hikers that were in town to celebrate Trail Days. 

We made our way through the vendors, checking out the latest toys. I spent some time at the Kenectic Energy booth talking to them about their USB charger. It builds a charge based on the motion of the carrier. I asked them to get in touch with me about doing some testing. They seemed receptive. Hope it works out. 

Mean while Guthook was over at the table for Mountain Lairel Design picking up his bug bivey. Then he checked out a quilt that he desided he couldn't leave in Damascus. So now he is off to the post office to mail his other quilt home.  Only draw back is tonight is going to be colder than the rating. Oh well, it will be colder than the rating on my quilt too. 

We ran into another Trail Ambassador, Damien. He and his whole family are hiking the trail this year. They have a blog call ToeSalad. You may want to check in on them. 

While Guthook was finishing up in town, I started hiking. The plan was he would catch me later this evening. 

It was a great walk with lots of scenery. With all the recent rain the streams were really flowing  I got several great pictures. 

Guthook showed up at Saunders Shelter about 6. We decided to do a few more miles to a campsite, especially since Saunders was getting crowded. However the campsite was on the edge of a bog and we moved on. 

We were looking for a stealth site but there were so many dead trees so we were starting to think we were gong to hike all night. Then it rained. It started at Creek Junction and lasted all the way to Lost Mountian. I hopped in the shelter but Guthook set up his tarp. I think he made the better decision. A girl one one side of me rolled back and forth on her neo-air most of the night. The guy on the other side was almost as bad. Then a man in the corner was  practicing for the  snoring olympics.  Needless to say I left at first light. Guthook will catch me later today.