Saturday, May 24, 2014

Dismal Creek Falls to Woods Hole

This was a planned short day. We were to walk into Woods Hole Hostel and spend the night. With just thirteen miles to hike it was going to be an easy day. 

Along the way we ran across some great views. One was at an outcropping. Some of my Scouts ate lunch here last summer. 

Another good spot was near a radio tower on the ridge. 

Just after lunch we arrived at Woods Hole Hostel. We were greated by Stone Bear and Neville. Thugs is a really neat place. It's a rustic log cabin and bunk house. They grow an organic garden and many of the meals come from it. 

Supper tonight was a salad with lettuce from the garden and Mexican burritos. The meat also came from their farm. 

Can't wait to see breakfast. 

So here is what the profile of the hike looked like today.