Thursday, May 15, 2014

Going to Damascus

Last night it rained. It poured buckets.  Fortunately we were inside the shelter and stayed dry!  The first thing Guthook said to me this morning was "staying in the shelter was a good call."

By 7 AM it was just a drizzle. One by one the shelter emptied out. It was an easy walk and by 10 AM I was crossing the border into Virginia.   I was at the same place four years ago. Weather was much better. 

Three and a half miles later I was in town. The ladies at an info booth were tring to help me locate Guthook and Uncle Tom. They were sure neither was in town. About that time both walked out of the woods. Guthook said he thought I was behind him until Tom told him I crusied by while Guthook stepped off in the woods. 

We got a bite to eat and are now hanging out at the showers next to tent city. One Way Church is running showers and laundry service. The shower was great and now I'm just waiting on clean clothes. 

Tonight we are staying in a cabin near Troutdale. It belongs to a friend of Uncle Tommy's.  We are going to spend the afternoon working on a ride there. Well there is always my thumb.