Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Knot Maul Shelter to Laurel Creek Campsites

As usual I was up and out, ready to go at first light. I didn't bother with water at the shelter. The trip to the stream last night seemed way too long. I found some along the trail less than a tenth of a mile from the shelter. That was less than the designated shelter water. 

At the first road crossing someone had left a bag of garbage. It was all over the place.  Guess they weren't thinking.  

The big climb of the day was Chestnut Ridge. At over 4,000 feet it was not an easy accent. I kept thinking at ever turn that I was at the top. About a mile from the top is an old tree   

At the top I could look. Down into Burk's Garden. It is a valley completely surrounded by mountains. 

Coming down the other side I got to talk with a few hikers. One was from Germany. He thought I must be day hiking with such a small pack. All I could think was if you think mine is small you should see Guthook 's.  

Guthook and I met this evening at Laural  Creek Campsites. There were several hikers there waiting a ride to a local campsite that promised a fun evening.  We passed on the party. Tomorrow is another big day. 

And here is today's profile from Guthook's App.