Saturday, May 24, 2014

Laurel Creek Campsites to Dismal Creek Falls

What aong day!  We covered 27 miles of ups and downs. I can't remember more than a coue of flat section all day long. 

Most of the day was through long dry stretches. This morning's lasted seven miles and this adternoon's was  eleven miles. It was aong dry walk. This is a picture of a thru-hiker that didn't make it to the next water. 

We did finally find water late in the day at Kimberly Creek. There is a suspension bridge over it. 

Our camp for the night is at Dismal Creek Falls.  Water was good and cold for soaking feet. Campsites were worn and littered with bits and pieces of trash. 

And here is a look at our elevation change today. 

So far we have hiker 172 miles. Tomorrow we are going to Woodshole to resupply and spend the night. We'll also get showers and do laundry. After a week of sweat and trail dust everything needs washing.