Thursday, May 15, 2014

Longhaul to the Rescue

So we got showers and clean clothes and the rain started to come down again. We waited a long time at the shower area under a tarp but things were not looking good. Even if it stopped there was no guarantee the bottom would not drop out on us. Getting to the cabin Tom lined up in Troutdale was looking bleak. 

Finally the rain slacked up a bit. We decided to get back towards the center of town and see if we could find someone going our direction. As we were walking along the street an SUV pulled up and the driver asked if we wanted a ride. Of course the answer was yes. 

We all climbed in and started introductions. The driver said "My name is Longhaul. I hiked in 2005.  I looked him and said "I hiked with a Longhaul in 2010."   He replied "I hiked in 2010 and I remember you EZ Hiker. So were do you guys need to go?"

I explained to him we were trying to get to a cabin in Troutdale. He said "I have a bunk room at my house. Come stay we me tonight and I'll take you back to Trail Days in the morning". 

Of course we said yes. So tonight we are Longhaul's guest at his home in Mountain City, TN.  Supper is chili and there is bacon and eggs for breakfast. This is the kind of trail magic you can only dream about.