Monday, May 19, 2014

Old Orchard Shelter to Partnership Shelter

The birds were singing way too early this morning. I was warm and cozy in my shelter and could of stayed there awhile longer. But I got up and packed quickly to warm back up by hiking. 

After a couple of miles I stopped for breakfast and took a couple of pictures of a foot bridge. I remembered crossing it with Dave Parker and my first Philmont crew. We had a great time on that trip. The bridge brought back a ton of memories. 

Later in the morning I passed a small waterfall. 

At a road crossing a group of hikers had stopped for lunch. There were two guys working a section. One of them operates the crime lab in Greensboro, NC. He's going send me an email when he gets home. May be we can go backpacking together. 

A hiker I had passed caught up and Guthook and I talked with him while we were eating. His trail name is Old Shep. He's from New Jersey. We saw him a couple of times this afternoon and he is with us at Partnership tonight. 

I've been playing with Guthook's AT Guide App. It a pretty handy guide. Using the GPS function of your phone, you can find your location and how far to the next road or shelter. You can buy the whole trail or just a section. Just check for it at the App Store. It also comes in Android. 

Here is a sceen shot of the elevation profile of today's hike. It's one of the cool features of Guthook's app. 

Oh I almost forgot. I took a shower at Partnership Shelter. It was not working last time I was here.