Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Pickle Branch Shelter to Campbell Shelter

The morning started off great. Ralph Step and I left the shelter about 7 AM for Dragon's Tooth. It was a tough climb but we maintained a good pace. 

The climb down was a different story. We could feel the humidity building. Soon there was the sound of thunder. I really thought we were going to get soaked. Of course as hot as it was, that would not been an altogether bad thing. 

Somewhere before Highway 311 I lost Ralph Step. I guess he needed a break. I know I did but I also needed water. I skipped the spring at the first shelter. It is down a hill and not always reliable. The Catawba Mountain shelter has a piped spring. When I got there it was dry. I was totally caught off guard. Fortunately another spring had enough flow I could fill my bottle a couple of times to rehydrate. 

I checked the guide book for water up ahead. Lambert Medows was listed unreliable. I remembered a nice stream there last year. Of course that was a really wet year. I began to think about staying at Campbell Shelter. At least there I could check the water supply and have options if it was dry. 

On the way up to McAfee Knob I met Mason. He is a thru-hiker. We took pictures of each other on the knob.

There are two southbounders here at Campbell Shelter tonight. They reported good water at Lambert Meadows so I will not have to worry about water hiking into Daleville tomorrow. 

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