Saturday, May 24, 2014

Rocks and Roots Oh My!

One of the traits of the Appalachian Trail is all the rocks and roots.  Sure, near the high traffic areas the trails are well groomed. In the more remote areas it is constant stepping on rocks and roots. This causes a twisting in trail runners that can lead to problems. On me it leaves the side of my heal at best sore, at worst a big raw blister. 

In 2010 hiking in Pennsylvania I had just that problem. I tried all sorts of solutions including duct tape. Nothing seemed to help. 

Then I remembered on a hike in the Wind River Range another hiker cut away part of an inner sole to relieve pressure on a blister. I decided nothing else has worked so let's try it.  

I cut a sort of half moon out where the inner sole rubbed against the inflamed area. Relief came quickly.  It worked sort of like a moleskin donut around a blister. 

The best time to make this modification is at the first sign of trouble. Once a blister forms here, it will take a while to heal.