Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Captain's Place to Laurel Creek Shelter

Okay, I'm an early riser. It's the same on the trail. I like those early morning miles. That didn't happen this morning. The Captain came out and we started talking. When I looked at my watch it was after 10:00. Well I had only planned 17 today. 

Yesterday's miles had definitely made my feet tender. But the rocks on the trail made every step painful. Ater a few miles I stopped and inspected them. No blisters but I taped them anyway. That relieved some of the friction on the balls of my feet. 

Got a message from Guthook. He got new super feet and returned to Woods Hole. He's about 20 miles behind me so a few short days will help him catch me. I thinking we will join back up in Daleville. 

I passed over Wind Rock about lunch. Not much wind and the bugs were bad. 

The afternoon was mostly climbing over one ridge to another. At the top of the last one was Kelly Knob. I was over joyed. There is a strong phone signal there so I used up the charge on my phone to call my wife. I still love to hear her voice. It's really great to still be in love after 40 years of marriage. I can't wait to see her in a couple of weeks. 

After the phone call I hurried down the mountain to the shelter. I had one thing on my mind. No, it was not food. Hidden behind a big rock on Laurel Creek is a natural shower. Trail Trash calls it the "Secret Shower" because when you are in it no one can see you. I washed all the trail dirt off in the cold mountain water. That felt so good. 

So here is the elevation from Guthook's app for today's 17+ miles.