Thursday, May 15, 2014

Turkey Pen Gap to Abington Shelter

This morning started early. I was out hiking by 7 AM with a breakfast bar in hand. My legs felt a little tight and I hoped that would go away quickly. It didn't. I'm pretty sure I over did it yesterday. 

The first stop of the day was the Nick Grindstone Memorial. Nick was a hermit. His epitaph read "He lived alone, suffered alone and died alone".  Now hikers visit him all the time. 

The trail was up hill most of the day. This is a pretty section lined with grass most of the way. Water was a lot more plentiful with springs and streams every few miles. 

We ran across a three trail magic sites. The first was from a church but the box only contained trash. The next site was huge. It 

looked like a tent city with hikers camped all around. It was operated by some past hikers calling themselves Riff Raff. The name fits. 

They were out of food but we unloaded our trash on them. The last was a hiker who is 

thru-hiking this year. I ate a couple of cookies but loaded up on water. 

On the final leg of today's hike I met a group of kids hiking with their Mom. One of them had an Emerald Isle t-shirt. Turns out they have a family reunion there every year. 

Tonight we are at Abington Gap Shelter. Bad weather is suppose to move in tonight so we grabbed a couple of spots in the shelter.  Good thing we got here early. It looks like a tent city around this shelter. 

Tomorrow we cross into Virginia. We're planning to hang out in Damascus until Saturday.