Sunday, May 25, 2014

Woods Hole to The Captain's Place

One of Guthook's friends that maintains trails in the area dropped in to visit at Woods Hole. Dino told about a new reroute of the trail a ending out of Pearisburg. I was excited about the possibility of hiking a brand new stretch of trail. However take was not tobe. 

This morning Guthook told me he thought his shoes were the problem. He had arranged a ride to Daleville to buy a new pair. We hope to meet up again but I have my doubts. 

One of the last things Roy Woods did before he left this earth was lay a heart shaped stone at the steps of the cabin. It is still there today. After breakfast, I grabbed my pack and snapped a picture of it as I left Woods Hole. 

The walk along the ridge to Pearisburg was easy. There just a few ups and downs and all were very grassual. Before long I was at Angel's Rest overlooking the New River. 

The climb out of Pearisburg  was hard. No if but or ands about it. This section is the one being replaced   It was easy to tell no maintenance had been done on it in awhile. There were trees down across the trail all the way to the top. 

On the ridge walking got easy again. I moving at a pretty good clip when I heard a noise in the bushes. I small bear ran out on the trail ahead of me and then stopped about 50 yards away. My first thought was "where's mom".  Anyway here is my first bear this year. 

I stopped at the campsite just passed Rice Field Shelter. I got water and talked a few minutes with Gack but the flies were terrible so I moved on. 

About 8:00 I came off the ridge and passed Pine Swamp Branch Shelter. There were a couple of hikers I met at Woods Hole there. They had slack packed from Pearisburg the previous day to the hostel and jumped ahead this morning. I said hello but hiked on a little more. 

About 8:30 I arrived at The Captain's Place. There was nobody here. I knocked at the door and the Captain answered.  He said it was strange not to have several hikers in the yard but to stay. He also invited me to have a soda from the frig on the back porch. I thanked him and set up camp. While I was eating another hiker showed up. It wasn't long before we both were sound asleep. 

Here is the elevation profile from Guthook's app. All 30+ miles.