Thursday, June 26, 2014

Leave No Trace School - Another Day in the Back Country

While I really expected rain most of the night, I think it waited until it was time to get up. I had just crawled out of my tent when the first few drops started to fall. So much for packing a dry tent. 

Jordan had the first presentation this morning. It was on packing out trash. I thought it was clever that he incorporated the campsite clean up in his lesson. 

The first stop on our hike was at School House Falls. There were some kids in the water fly fishing.  I expected the water to be very cold but it wasn't that bad.  I waded out to the falls and took a few pictures from behind the water. 

We stopped for lunch on a rock face. After lunch I got my turn to give a presentation on "Respecting Wildlife". It went well. I have just a couple more requirements to complete for the class. The major stuff is complete. 

At camp we had a four more demonstrations. Guthook's friend Dino did one on alternatives to camp fires. We made luminaries and set them around the fire ring. They were kind of neat. 

Tomorrow we head back to Landmark Learning. After all the carbs I've eaten I'm thinking hArd about a good supper tomorrow night.