Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Leave No Trace School - Day 1

The bunk house at the top of the hill was a great place to sleep.  I slept all night long without waking up once. That hasn't happened in a long time. 

When I walked into class I got two surprises. The first was I recognized the instructor. His name is Jason. He was the instructor for my last two Wilderness First Aid classes. He is very good at keeping everything interesting. 

The second was a young lady from the ATC. When she introduced herself to the class, she said she was from Roanoke, VA. I was pretty sure I had met her while hiking in Virginia last month. At the break I asked her if she knew Dino. After a second she replied "I'm Dino and you look familiar. Where do I know you from".  I told we met at Woods Hole when she came to visit Guthook. 

The morning class was mainly inside except for one exercise on the lawn. The most important thing I learned all morning was no one is perfect in the back country. We just need to work as much as possible to meet the 7 Principles of Leave No Trace. 

At lunch it started raining. Looks like this will be the norm for the next few days. We'll be hiking starting tomorrow so it will be a good time to try out my new Frog Toggs. 

The afternoon was spent sorting gear and food. The food is a little heavier than what I'm use to carrying but the mileage is very short. Most of our time will be spent between presentations by Jason and Rob or the students in the class. 

After class several of us cooked supper together under a shelter. Leanna brought out a "Famoly Fued" style Leave No Trace game. Andy, Kaythryn and I played a round. We decided the answer is always rock or dry grass. 

Just before dark I climbed the hill to the Nook (bunk house). Looking forward to another good night's sleep.