Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Leave No Trace School - Panthertown Valley

When I left the Nook this morning the ground was wet and the skies were gray. It was a sure sign of how the day's weather was going to pan out. A couple of class members had slept in tents over night. All I could think was how much I dislike packing a wet tent. 

After breakfast we gathered up our gear and headed to Panrhertown Valley. We started our hike with a couple of exercises on durable surfaces. As made our way to the trail a shower hit. It didn't last long but it came down in buckets.  

As we approached the stream we saw a sand bar and decided to check it out. It looked like a great place to take a swim. Some may have camped there since there was a fire ring at the far end. 

When we got to camp it didn't take long to set up our shelters. Jordan and I went ahead and hung our bear webing. Then class started again. 

Rob had us pretend to have a conflict with other trail users. One senerio invoked mountain bikers and hikers. It reminded me of the time Trail Trash and I hiked into a mountain bike race. I remember ducking behind trees to avoid the bikes. 

We also covered disposal of human waste. We paced off that magic 200' and discussed how to bury poop. 

Late in the afternoon we hiked to a waterfall. It was a nice break before preparing supper. 

In the morning we are going to move camp. If the weather is good we will have a few class sessions up on the ridge. I'm hoping the rain is over but somehow I think a few more showers are coming.