Sunday, August 31, 2014


Every trip to a grocery store includes a search for new foods to take backpacking.  Not so long ago I was cruising the aisles filled with rice and pasta.  These days I'm looking for more Paleo friendly foods.  I've found I recover much quicker from a big day eating proteins and fats than if I load up on carbs.  The transition back to my regular diet back home is much easier since it is also low in carbs.

This past week my wife Susan and I made a trip to Earth Fare in Greensboro, NC.  It's a great store for organic foods, especially pasture raised meats and wild caught fish.  Unfortunately we missed the sale on ground beef but did find our favorite coconut water on sale.  As I walked through the store a display caught my eye.  There were squeeze packets of almond butter and sun butter from Yum Butter.  I checked the calories and ingredients and was amazed.  Total calories for a 7 ounce packet was over a thousand!  The ingredients included chia, hemp seed and goji berry powder.  The only sweeteners are coconut palm sugar and lucuma powder which is high in antioxidants and potassium. Before I knew it there were four packets in my grocery bag.  

Yesterday I had planned to help with a new bridge on the Mountain to Sea Trail.  Plans included a lunch break so I packed one of the sun butter packets with an apple for my meal.  Late morning I decided I needed a little something to get me to lunch.  I pulled out the packet and squeezed a little in my mouth.  It was delicious!  Before I could stuff it back in my pack, one of the other volunteers spotted it and wanted to check the label.  Turns out he is a trail runner and like me is always looking for energy foods to use on the tail.  I pretty sure he stopped at Earth Fare on the way home.

When I got home I checked out the website for YumButter.  The company was founded by Matt and Adrian who both have a love of whole foods and outdoor adventures.  One of their many goals is to "Run the world's most responsible food company".  A portion of their profits are used to feed malnourished children.  At present you can purchase their products online from them direct or from a few select retail outlets (check the map on their site).  There are plans for a bigger distribution system in the works. 

So back to using this as a backpacking food.  With 180 calories in a 1.12 ounce serving plus all the nutrients, I think this has just become a staple in my pack.