Thursday, November 6, 2014

This Time Will Be Different

Every time I return from a trip I always look back and wonder what I could do to make it better.  Could I have gone a little lighter?  Did I have the right gear? Did I prep a little better?  You know, all the hindsite things we ask ourselves.  Some of it is regret of opportunities missed.  However a lot of it is to increase my arsenal of knowledge to prevent repeating the same mistakes all over again.

I'm leaving Friday night with my Scouts to hike a section of the AT near McAfee Knob.  It has the reputation of being the most photographed place on the entire trail.  We will hike into John's Spring Shelter late on Friday night and will have plenty of time to enjoy the view from the knob on Saturday.  Some of the older boys have expressed an interest in hiking all the way to Lambert's Meadow that afternoon.  It may be toomuch for the younger scouts but I have a lot of adult leadership on this trip so we may split up and have a group go long and one go short.  There is a good camping spot just north of Campbell Shelter so we can plan to meet there for the night.

Sometimes the stars do line up just right.  My wife and I are planning to attend a wedding the following weekend in Pennsylvania.  With the extra adults on the trip, it has worked out that I can leave camp on Sunday morning and hike another section of Virginia before I get picked up on Friday.  The only negative to the whole plan is the distance.  It's about 153 miles from trailhead to trailhead.  But then again life is about turning problems into solutions.

Since we are back to Eastern Standard Time and it is mid-November, the amount of daylight is a big concern.  Of course I like to hike early in the morning and it is light enough to start hiking not long after 6 AM.  So the challenge is to maximize my hiking time each day.  Since I only carry a small amount of gear, packing and unpacking will only take a few minutes on each end of the day.  The other activity that takes time on the trail is cooking.  For sometimeI've been continplating a stoveless trip.  This looks like a perfect time.

Here is a list of the food I'm carrying on this trip.

7-  Homemade Paleo Granola Bars  Thes pack over a thousand calories and can be eaten while I walk. 
3- YumButters I love nutbutter and will easily eat half of a package in a day.  I also have some Justin's Chocolate Hazel Nutbutter.
14 - Sticks of Colby String Cheese I like the monzelrella too but yellow cheese has more caleroies per ounce.
24 ounces of homemade beef jerky  One of the markets at some really lean roast on sale last week.
42 ounces of fruit leather  There are two different flavors.  The tropical ginger is about 120 calories an ounce and the chocolate cherry is a little higher than that.
12 ounces of raw seeds  These are from Go Raw  My favorite is (believe it or not) watermelon seeds.

The jerky, fruit leather and granola bars weights were not exact.  They are a little over in the packages I stored them in.  With packaging and OP sacks it weighed out close to 11 pounds.  I'm thinking I somewhere a little over 26 ounces a day.  That may be on the lightside for this time a year (temps from the mid 20's to upper 50's) but I ate real good all summer and there is a wedding at the end of this trip!